5 best apps for Apple Watch

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Even when Amazon, Google, and eBay abandoned their branded apps for the Apple Watch, the App Store’s online marketplace still has more than 200,000 apps available for download for the watchOS. With the release of watchOS 3, many applications run directly on the device without the iPhone. So, what applications do you need to install on your newly purchased Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch AppsApp Store has more than 200,000 apps available for download for the Apple Watch.


Carvacrol fitness apps finally got to the Apple Watch. Starva will be your companion in the morning Jogging and Cycling. The developers have long pulled with the release of watchOS version of the application, but the result of their work lived up to expectations. Statistical indicators are as close as possible to reality, the application works stably and without complaints. The voice motivation function is not so good, but who uses it at all?

AutoSleep – £2.99

AutoSleepПриложение lives up to its name. You don’t need to do any extra actions, just make sure the app is installed and the clock is still on your hand when you go to bed. AutoSleep will automatically collect your sleep statistics. In the morning, the app will send you a notification with an analysis, including how many times you woke up and how long were in the deep phase of sleep.


Slopeside detailed data on speed, altitude and distance, you will be able to track your progress downhill skiing or snowboarding. Agree, using iPhone to collect such statistics is not the best solution. Another thing to watch. With the Slopes app, the most important statistics will always be on your wrist. The application gives an idea of how much time you spent on the snow and how much you sat on the lift.


Cheatsheet if you are the person who always forgets important things: the password of Wi-Fi in the office, the number of Parking spaces, the name of the mother-in-law, then you will come to the aid of Cheatsheet. The app allows you to make a tiny list of notes and display them on your Apple Watch. Each note can have its own icon, as well as display it on the main clock face.

CARROT Weather – £2.99 + £2.29 annually

CARROT WeatherКак the name implies, CARROT Weather — weather app. Convenient to use, with accurate forecasts, can predict rainfall and other weather events. But the most important thing is the ability to show weather data directly on the clock face.


Citymapper if you are in a big city, Citymapper is a “must have” app for your watch. It tracks the movement of public transport and gives clear hints on moving from place to place. You will always be notified in advance of the arrival time of buses, trains or trams.


iTranslate is an indispensable application for any tourist. You’re in Berlin and you don’t know German? Pressing one button will allow you to pronounce the phrase and get the translation instantly. Also in the application has its own small PhraseBook.

Just Press Record – £4.99

Just Press Record is a popular voice recording app on iPhone: press the button, record audio, stop recording and it syncs with the cloud. With the arrival of the watchOS version, it became possible to do all this without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. You can also dictate the information and get a text file with transcription.

Overcast is a free

Thanks to the excellent audio effects and intelligent pause removal system, Overcast is one of the best podcast player for iPhone. The Apple Watch version is essentially a remote for the iPhone app, giving you quick access to managing and searching for podcasts.


Shazam now you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket to find out the name of the song playing in the bar, just shake your hand. The clock will instantly show you the name of the song and its artist, as well as the text, in case you want to jump on the table and please your friends with your vocal skills.

Night Sky 4 – £1.99

Night Sky 4 by pointing the clock to the moon, you can explore the stars guided by the map of the starry sky on your hand. Finding the constellation of interest, you can easily get acquainted with all the information about this object.


OneFootbal app will satisfy football fans. Imagine that you are at the longest and most senseless business meeting in the world or at an endless dinner with your spouse’s relatives, and at this time your favorite team plays in the final of the country Cup. Onefootball allows you to track the progress of the match in real time right on your smartwatch. The main thing to keep, not to scream “goal” after secretly lower look at the clock.


Instapaper with the ability to manage your archive of articles, the application is able to convert them into speech. The result is somewhat strange, but it can be useful when you’re uncomfortable keeping your iPhone in front of your eyes.

1Password – £9.99

1password and in the mobile version, the 1Password app stores your passwords and secure notes. They can be accessed by entering a four-digit PIN. Please note that the app can be downloaded free of charge for iPhone, but in order to use it on the watch, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.


There are many currency conversion applications available, but we chose Currency because it is fast, elegant and responsive. You specify the currencies to track and the order they are sorted on your iPhone. Then, on the clock, you can select the desired currency and enter the amount to convert.