New iPad 2018 Review

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Apple never ceases to try to increase their profits and to produce devices that can facilitate. So the light and a new iPad. The public took it controversial, but let’s think, really all that bad?

The new iPad introduced the presentation, which took place on March 27, 2018 at the Chicago school. The event itself was assembled in order to represent this iPad. More it talked about programs for schools, teachers and students. Therefore, the iPad was presented with an educational slant.

Last year, when it revealed the new iPad, we looked and made a comparison with the iPad Air first and second generations. Then we came to the conclusion that he is closer to the first generation, though, and is more powerful. We also came to the conclusion that updated on the new iPad is not worth it if you already have an iPad Air any generation and later models. Most of you supported our opinion.

The presentation of the new iPad such a feeling as never left and had thoughts about what it will be the same device, but with support for Apple Pencil. When the new iPad was at us in edition, that feeling only intensified.

By and large, we have the same iPad Air first generation, which just became more powerful and has got the support of the pencil. The most important thing that it has not changed is the screen, which is the background of screens without an air gap and continues to remind the screen is not very good the anti-glare film.

But some repairs will be cheaper, so it will be possible to change only the glass without replacing the entire display. But this applies only to the display, since the internal components are very firmly planted on the glue and very difficult to repair, as identified by those who have already managed to disassemble it.

The buyer will be offered a choice of two options of memory and the presence or absence of the cell module. Only three colors, it’s a silver, Space gray and gold. Red gold no. In Europe and the U.S. prices will be from € 350 to € 560 and from $ 330 to $ 560.

Процессор в новинке установлен как в iPhone 7, а именно A10 Fusion. Новейшие процессоры A11 от iPhone X естественно не используется, как не используются и процессоры A10X Fusion от iPad Pro текущего поколения. Тем не менее, A10 Fusion тоже является хорошим процессором, который до сих пор актуален.

One of the main differences from the model last year, which also showed in the spring is to support Apple Pencil. This is the first time the spread of support of the accessory beyond the Pro-line. It’s really nice and deserves respect, but should also understand how easy to use it on the background of the iPad Pro, which support is implemented just fine and almost no different from writing on plain sheet of paper.

For the work of the pencil correspond to the same components as in the iPad Pro. Therefore, the work should be smooth, soft and realistic, but the questions is what is under the screen there is a layer of air which may make adjustments to the drawing process.

When you lead a pencil on the screen, the distance between the image and the tip of the pencil, caused by the presence of the air gap is only noticeable if viewed at a very acute angle to the surface. If you look how we usually do it, the gap almost imperceptible.

If we talk about the backlog of images drawn from the tip of the pencil when drawing, that is, the delay of the appearance of the image, if paint is not fast, the difference with the iPad Pro is almost there, and if you do quick strokes, the difference becomes visible to the naked eye.

The pencil still costs $ 100, but the price of the iPad Pro is not so noticeable, but when it comes about the device for $ 330 and the price is almost one third the cost of the tablet is perplexing. Perhaps, that showed the new stylus pen from Logitech for $ 49. He is not likely to be as good as the original Apple Pencil, but time will tell.

In the rest of the iPad 2018, certainly weaker than the iPad Pro, but created for other purposes. He does not have a smart connector, respectively, the keyboard will only connect via Bluetooth, it shoots 4K video, but that’s not all you need. And most importantly, we can say again that he had under the glass of the screen a layer of air, and it really affects the color reproduction and brightness.

The main advantage of the new tablet is its low price. And if you only watch videos and sometimes use the browser, then this option will be for you very good. Then again, it’s not worth the upgrade from iPad Air 2, which will play in performance, but it will be better. Although, if you need a pencil, then that changes things and then the tablet becomes, on the contrary, a good option, as it is much cheaper than the Pro.

As you can see, Apple once again introduced confusion in the names of the models, releasing another iPad without specifying the model. Although, this is something there and people are not so important to know what the name of the device. In the long run, just buy a tablet and use it as long as the presentation does not say that invented something that will interest you. Then go and buy something at the store even without delving into the naming. The only place where the situation becomes more complicated, so it’s on the secondary market, where they will have to explain what year is this unit and what it can do.

If you are interested in the history of the iPad, not so long ago we were preparing a release which told the story of Apple from the very first to the latest updates of iPad Pro. There we cited the historical facts, specifications, and versed in the intricacies of naming.