Care for the smartphone display. What and how to wipe the screen?

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Modern smartphones, equipped with large displays, after a short conversation or typing text messages become very unkempt appearance. Fingerprints, cream powder and greasy traces in addition to untidy appearance greatly aggravate the operation of the device. The sensitivity of the sensor to touch deteriorates greatly, and the image itself seems much less saturated due to the layer of dust and dirt. That is why keeping your phone screen clean is a must.

To prevent dust and the appearance of excessive fat traces, an excellent tool is a protective film. It will not allow dirt to settle directly on the screen and prevent scratches and roughness. If, for some reason, the use of film is not allowed or not desirable, you can clean the phone screen itself.

Rules of care for a smartphone is quite simple:

  • You cannot clean when the screen is unlocked. First, to avoid involuntary pressing, and secondly, on a black background traces of dirt can be seen much better.
  • It is necessary to determine how it will be done by wiping the screen-with a special cloth to clean the display of microfiber or just a lint-free cloth. When using a normal cloth, it is necessary to moisten it with water a little to make it slightly damp. The main thing is not to overdo it with the liquid, because its ingress can bring the device down.
  • To avoid divorce, you should follow a certain order of movements, for example, from top to bottom. If the dirt and stains do not wear off, you can use alcohol. Here, as in the case of water, you need to know the measure. It is also better to make sure that this type of screen can be cleaned with alcohol-containing substances.
  • In no case do not use the products, which include acids, solvents, alkalis – they will completely ruin the display.
  • It should be remembered that the cleaner, Polish or water should be applied to a cloth or a special cloth, not to the screen itself.
  • Now back to the care of the screens, with the active use of the phone will have to clean it almost daily. As a result, this may lead to loss of the phone functionality. That is why, in addition to cleaning, it is necessary to use a cover and a protective film that will help to reduce the level of contamination and avoid scratches.