The Badland game review for iPhone : Clash Royale and Angry Birds

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The first ten seconds in Bandland Brawl can be confusing — if the first couple of games in the “universe” Badland was sophisticated and witty physical arcades, then the new toy for iOS you will find a pleasant cocktail of textbook of physical puzzle about birds and megapopular MOBA Clash Royale. However, under the cute colorful graphics of Badland Brawl is hidden is not banal copy of these two games on phones. The review will sort out all the pros and cons of this unusual card multiplayer game for iPhone. A casual game is a curious mix of original card MOBA with towers that must be destroyed. However, the developers have provided the gameplay is one significant feature that turns everything literally from the top of the head. The action of most games on the phones in the genre of MOBA takes place on a flat surface. Can have multiple tracks, which you can move characters, however, this spatial diversity of popular iPhone game and limited.

In Badland Brawl, too, all pretty straightforward, but the gameplay in the truest sense of the word planted another interesting concept. The characters you bring to light the battlefield on the screen of your phone, run into the opponent’s tower with the catapult. Such an unusual, but seriously changing the gameplay aspect makes the game boldly stand out from the crowd quite monotonous MOBA and clones of Angry Birds. The heroine of the survey clearly shows that the future of good toys on the phone for unique alchemical medicine from different genres. First, this approach to the movement of the characters allows you to more accurately control where they fall. In addition, there is a vertical component, seriously refreshing gameplay. Some units can fly, the other on the ground, and in your Arsenal of various types of protective tools — both air and ground targets. During the fifth game, I was already on the verge of victory, and my flying robot bomber practically dived into the heart of the enemy base. However, the enemy sniper dexterous shot destroyed my robot, but at the same time and my tower due to jumping of their weapons. A sudden turn of the game, which will not get bored. The mechanics of the shot with a slingshot means that the game is quite important role is played by the skills of the player as the shooter. Of course, to win influence and character, which charge you according to the balance of forces on the battlefield. Right guess — will deal a crushing blow to the enemy tower, will make the wrong choice — expect a “plop” from the other side and serious gaps in his defense. In Badland there is a Brawl and freemium with eggs of victory, which open immediately after the destruction of the tower of the enemy. Want to get more cool items and bonuses? Then hang the egg timer for a few hours to the fruits of your victory was more luxurious.

In good casual Badland Brawl there are lots of small “chips”, making it one of the most friendly player PvP games on the phone, we’ve seen the last six months. The developer obviously wants you to play in his creation, and not stupidly wasting money on in-app purchases. A rarity in these times, and so valuable. Of course, the game does not differ too easily to get in a multiplayer League the best players will not be easy, but that’s where you can get cool new maps and to test their strength in matches with veterans. Victory may be long awaited, and a loss is devastating, but in the Badland Brawl always want to come back, regardless of the outcome of the previous session. If Clash Roayle left you indifferent, but at heart there is a place for fun MOBA on the phone, Brawl download Badland from the App Store completely free and without having a doubt.